Because we care about you, and we know all of you love to enjoy quality psytrance music, so now you can download free psytrance music at our website.

All of the mixes or tracks are available for free download, and most of them were released as an artist promotion mixes/tracks.

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  • PSYTRANCE MUSIC [psytrance, goa trance and progressive sounds .. ]
  • PSYCHILL MUSIC [psydub, psychill and ambient sounds ..]
  • Dark/forest sounds [SOON]


Downloads are completely free & legal, because sets were released by authors for promotional use and/or played at the psytrance festivals and after released for free download by artists on their Soundcloud pages.

And just to stay sure:
If you are original creator of music or you have other complaints about the content published, do not hesitate to contact us, and we will take it down !
And if you don’t feel like scrolling, you can always listen to our 24/4  psytrance radio