Stara Škola is very proud to present their next edition of high definition psychedelic gathering named Nature Sound 2017.
The crew is very busy these days about setting up a very special time for this summer at beatiful beach on eastern part of our motherland near Dupljaja, a village also considered as one of a few that have been firstly immigrated here. Not to mention one of the biggest archaeological excavations there.

Nature Sound 2017

Two day program, like a party beach will be worth dancing til the end, because its Nature and it sounds good freakin awesome !


Live acts:

Argus / Ascent / Braincell / Djantrix / Eclipse Echoes / Frangipani / Ital / Kabayun / Labirinto / Middle Mode / Merlin / Norma Project / Rezonant / Reversed Logic / Sideform / Subliminal Codes / Suduaya / Sufi’s Life / Sonic Entity / The Big Bang / The Key / Vertex / Zyce

DJ sets:

Jamal DamnedgeSuddha Solar SpectrumFidel Alex Manda Vučko  Milos  Petar  Brankotix / Mozza Zinda 

So, date and location ?
June 30th to July 2nd at Bela Crkva, Jasenovo in Serbia

Remember, this is just a first glimpse to this great event, and more info will be available soon !

To see info first hand, please follow Nature Sound 2017 fb event.

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