Psychedelic Tribe is independant comunity for all oldschool and new age hippies (trancers, ravers).

Our main purpose is to share knowledge related to our spiritual journey, and learn, grow and becoming more consciousness about our Universe (or Multiverse) and our existance on this place.

We are also sharing information about psychedelic trance music festivals all over the world, and also clubbing parties and all other events related to our way of life.

And we are also sharing music and all other forms of art, and giving opportunity to new DJs, painters, dancers and other artists to promote their new tracks, pictures, sculptures and other.

Dont be afraid to use New Article/Event Section if you just thought about anything that needs to be shared !

Soon we will start ‘Arts’ section, where everyone will be able to create article by themselves, and also a ‘Workshop’ section, which will be miscellanious tutorials and how to manualls section.


The main site is still really young, so we are still requiting more people to join our admin team !

Want to join the Psychedelic Tribe ?

Just contact us with your ideas !